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How Can We Keep Up On The Latest News About Lucas Lagoons And The Show?

You can follow Lucas Lagoons through social media, our VIP newsletter, or by clicking on the Insane Pools TV and News tabs.

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How Do We Get In Contact With Lucas Or With Lucas Lagoons?

The best and easiest way to get in touch with anyone at Lucas Lagoons is through our simple Contact Form.

Where Can We Send Fan Mail And General Show Related Interest?

The best way to get in touch with a Lucas Lagoons team member is to use our simple Contact Form. We love to hear from our fans and followers!

What Is The Process For Getting An Estimate?

The best way to get an estimate is to first read about How We Work, then complete the Project Inquiry Form which follows. The more specific you are with your responses, the better able Lucas will be to guesstimate if your answers are on-track with the budget range you indicated. It is very hard to give estimates without seeing the site and its unique features. This can be accomplished, however, by scheduling a Personalized, On-site Design Meeting with Lucas.

Does Lucas Lagoons Do Charity Pools and/or Projects?

Lucas Lagoons has done charitable work in the past and would like to resume doing so in the future, but unfortunately, we are unable to take on this type work at the present time.

Is There An Audition Process For Our Show?

There is no “audition” process for the show. All clients you see in the show have been acquired on our own and have no prior affiliation with the show.

Does Lucas Lagoons Do Work In Other States? ie. Outside of Florida

Yes, Lucas Lagoons works in all states, not just Florida. For more information, please read about How We Work

Is there a minimum budget requirement for a Lucas Lagoon?

We often get asked this tricky question to answer as every project is unique and so are the needs of our clients. Typically, in-state custom pool design projects are $350,000 on up and out-of-state custom pool design projects are $750,000 on up. Mobilization and travel costs vary widely, particularly for out-of-state projects, which will increase the price.

Budgetary Requirements:

  • The starting budget to build within 50 miles of Sarasota is $350k with a minimum of a $35k design and consulting fee.
  • Beyond 50 miles of Sarasota, but within the state of Florida requires a minimum budget of $450,000 plus a minimum of a $45k design and consulting fee.
  • Outside of Florida requires a minimum budget of $750,000 plus a minimum of a $75k design and consulting fee.
  • We do offer Design and Consulting services for budgets under $450,000.