Lagoonatic Racing


Lucas has a new LAGOONATICS YouTube channel where he shares his passion for cars and racing them. Check it out here https://www.youtube.com/@lagoonaticracing1736

Lucas and his sister Camille talk about this new LAGOONATICS channel! We will be reviewing cars, racing them and sharing our passion about which car you should choose and what cars we think everyone should avoid at all costs! Lucas has always had a love for cars and wants to share his passion on this channel!

Lucas invites a bunch of his friends to bring their cars to race at The FIRM: Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park located in Starke, FL, approximately 1 hour South of Jacksonville, FL.
Watch to see the crew racing, getting kicked off the track, catching on fire and most importantly an epic celebration of Lucas’ Birthday!

Lucas races and compares his Subaru BRZ vs. his M3 Competition at the FIRM racetrack in Starke FL. Watch to see which car is best! Which car would you choose for the track?

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