Dream Mulligan – Bradenton Custom Pool Build for Insane Pools

Bradenton custom pool builder golf course pools

Pools for Pros – Lucas Lagoons builds a Bradenton Custom Pool for a Golf Legend

Lucas Lagoons is tasked with a challenge – repair and remodel a Bradenton custom pool build for a famous golfing family. Puzzled as to how this pool was even built, Lucas creates an ocean-themed pool with fire features, an infinity edge, and his first water couch! The pool repairs for this Insane Pools project will take a professional to fix and the pool remodel needs to impress the clients.  While building golf course pools is fairly common for this Bradenton custom pool builder, this pool build is a bit in the rough and will take just the right swing to keep it on the green! Can Lucas Lagoons get a hole-in-one to repair and remodel this Bradenton pool or will he be stuck in a sand trap?

We are a Bradenton pool contractor providing award-winning pool design & construction.

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